Lamija Subašić
Specialist InEnglish Language; Communication Skills in Technical English Language (Field: Wood processing)


After she finished the First Gymnasium in Zenica, Lamija Subašić attended and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Sarajevo (UNSA) and, afterwards, did her postgraduate study at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the UNSA, in the field of Diplomacy and IR. As a student, she was with the National Democratic Institute (NDI, Sarajevo) and did her internship in the B&H Federal Parliament (FB), working in its both Houses. As the extracurricular activities, she took numerous courses and programs on a wide range of topics (e.g. The certified and advanced program, held in BiH and Switzerland, for developing managerial skills titled “Leadership and Professional Skills Development for Development of SME Sector in BiH”, containing modules: “Business Management & Marketing”, “Accounting and Quality Management”, “Production Management and Planning”, “Materials Management and Logistics” and “Technology and R&D“; Training for the administrative and financial affairs; Program on entrepreneurship (modules: Management; Marketing and promotion; Financing, accounting and loans; Business administration; Market research; Basics of business law and Developing business plan). Regarding coummunication skills, as relevant can be singled out training for 1. Interpreters of English language, 2. Translating legal texts, organized by Direction for European Integration (DEI) in Sarajevo, 3. On Negotiation, organized by the French Embassy, Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH and Agency for state service of BiH (ADS), 4. Soft Skills, 5. PR and online marketing and 6. Crisis communications. For the past several years, she has actively participated in many projects and conferences. Also, in 2018, she finished the two-year CISCO program, offered by NET Academy in Zenica, and obtained CCNA Routing and Switching certificates.